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Purpose Statement

Founded in response to the steadily growing number of remarkable South Asian musical talents and enthusiasts on campus, Sangeet serves to usher South Asian music to its deserved place among the other cultural and artistic establishments at Harvard, and to forge a legacy at the intercollegiate and global levels, establishing Harvard as the premier seat of South Asian musical leadership, prominence and excellence. Sangeet’s activities are devoted to all aspects of South Asian musical performance and scholarship. They are aimed at increasing the exposure and appreciation of South Asian music, providing a forum for teaching and learning, and encouraging performance at the highest levels. Sangeet’s commitment to variety and breadth ensures that there is an event for every type of music-lover. Enjoy informal Antaksharis, study breaks, bhajan workshops, and karaoke nights, or join aficionados for concert field trips, themed jam sessions, fusion opportunities and campus-wide performances, or take advantage of Sangeet’s one-of-a-kind lecture-demonstrations with visiting maestros, intercollegiate conferences and more. Sangeet is also proud to offer a music school through which members of the Harvard community can pursue vocal, instrumental and percussion lessons in the various genres of South Asian music.

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Adviser Richard Kent Wolf n/a