Harvard College Munch

For more information on this group, please contact/visit:

http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~munch/ (not yet active)

Purpose Statement

Harvard College Munch is a group for student interested in kink and alternative sexualities to meet, and organize relevant events—speakers, discussions, and screenings. It exists to promote a positive and accurate understanding of alternative sexualities and kink on campus, as well as to create a space where college-age adults may reach out to their peers and feel accepted in their own sexuality. Harvard College Munch therefore meets an otherwise unaddressed need on campus. Though existing campus groups range from representing women and men, queer sexualities and orientations, all the way to groups dedicated to abstinence, no other group exists as a forum for students interested in alternative sexualities to explore their identities and develop a community with their peers.

Group Information


Faculty Advisers

Title Name Email
Adviser Stephen Louis Burt burt@fas.harvard.edu